• E-learning

    Removing stitches and grafts

  • E-learning

    Tracheostoma care

  • E-learning

    Basic Life Support

  • E-learning

    Gastric tube feeding using a syringe

  • E-learning

    Insulin Injection

  • E-learning

    Intravenous cannulation

  • E-learning

    Measuring blood glucose with sensor

  • E-learning

    Helmet removal

  • E-learning

    Sucking chest wounds

  • E-learning

    Ergonomic working in healthcare

  • E-learning

    Repositioning and fixate fractures and luxations

  • E-learning

    Intraosseous infusion

  • E-learning

    Advanced Life Support

  • E-learning

    Inhalation with a chamber

  • E-learning

    Newborn Life Support

  • E-learning

    Paediatric Basic Life Support

continuous learning

E-learning: continuous learning.

Providing qualitative good care is a priority for healthcare professionals. Every day, they face a variety of challenges as a result of the developments and stricter quality requirements in healthcare. Education and training are vital to ensure that healthcare professionals fulfil the quality requirements, keep up with the latest developments in their field and remain competent and qualified.

Doczero’s e-learning helps assure the quality, competence and skills of healthcare professionals. A high learning efficiency is achieved at a relatively low cost. Continuously available for maintaining and broadening one’s skills and knowledge.

  • More than 300 healthcare-related topics
  • Familiar in all sectors of healthcare
  • 'Off the shelf' ready for use
  • Initial training, retraining, reference
  • Can be used as part of blended learning
  • Theory with HR instruction videos
  • Instruction videos available as essential on your smartphone or tablet PC
  • Interactive knowledge tests
  • Actual guidelines
  • Accreditation for healthcare professionals
  • Automatic synchronisation of accreditation points
  • Use Doczero Academy (LMS Doczero)
  • SCORM / LTi compliant
  • Synchronisation with HR systems

Doczero Academy (LCMS)

The multifunctional Learning Management System

Doczero Academy, Doczero’s LCMS (Learning Content Management System), is renowned for its simple and powerful user interface. Making available and developing e-learning modules and the track & trace of students will allow you to get a grip on the effectiveness of the learning activities within your organisation.

The Doczero Academy uses SCORM, LTI or API to connect with any LMS or HR system. In addition, the Doczero Academy uses various learning styles. The Doczero e-learning modules are available on PC, tablet or smartphone. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Assessment tool: digital registration of practical assessment.

Doczero’s products are based on the vision on blended learning. The skills must be effectively trained and executed in practice. The instructor or training officer tests the skills and checks whether these meet the quality criteria as set by the organisation. The instructor or training officer can rely on the assessment tool that Doczero developed for support during these practical tests. Based on the quality criteria set by the organisation, the instructor or training officer keeps a digital record of the results of the practical test for every employee. These are also added to the employee’s portfolio.

Doczero’ s e-learning and the practical test are digitally recorded in the employee’s portfolio.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Suitable for desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Manage courses, students and organisations
  • Detailed insight into activities
  • Online statistics
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Single Sign On support
  • SCORM / LTi compliant
  • Synchronisation with HR systems
  • Available with your branding (optional)
  • Online planner for practical assessments (optional)
  • Create your own e-learning (optional)
  • Digital assessment forms (optional)

A perfectionist in
e-learning with a passion for care.

Focus on healthcare.

Healthcare is engrained in our DNA. Doczero develops e-learning modules for healthcare professionals, with a great deal of enthusiasm. Healthcare is continuously evolving, with stricter quality requirements, changing guidelines and continuous innovation. Healthcare professionals never stop learning. Doczero offers a qualitative and validated array of e-learning modules, which contribute to ensuring that healthcare professionals retain the competences and skills they need in the dynamic field of healthcare.

The changes in healthcare mean the Doczero team works daily to develop (new) e-learning modules and ensuring they are up-to-date. Can be used immediately and anywhere.

"Healthcare professionals always choose Doczero when given the option"


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