Fight fire and evacuation

This course is available as part of the course package 'In-house Emergency Service' or as separate course. If fire breaks out and/or you must evacuate a department or building, this can be quite a harrowing experience. But it is vital that you know exactly what to do when your assistance is required. That you know whom to alert, whether you can extinguish the fire yourself, when you should enter a space and when not, how to evacuate a building or department and who has which tasks during this procedure. But also matters to which you should pay attention while working when nothing serious is happening.

Users of the 'Child version' have additional items with specific situations.

Course structure:
Theory (content)
Knowledge test (questions about theory content)

Available guidelines:
- European guidelines first aid

Available languages:
- Dutch
- English
- French

Target audience:
- First responders

Study duration: 1,5 hour